Monday, August 1, 2011

House Hunting 7.31.11

My momma and I were busy this Sunday! 5 houses! Good times, good times.

I won't mention all of them, just the 2 that were the most........ memorable.

The first house we looked at is now officially my "I could really live here" house.  I know I said that about this house on this post but this time I mean it even MORE.  This house was well within our budget and was totally move in ready.  It had everything we want on our list.  It was great!

Oh, lookie there.  I made the picture bigger.  That's nice.

I mean, look how cute this little home is!  Can you say curb appeal? And look at that covered porch.

When I saw this house the first time online I was a little concerned about that wrought iron gate lookin' thing.  But when we got to the showing it was gone.  I guess it was a baby gate or some such thing.  Also, I would lose the navy blue counter tops.  But that flooring! I am a sucker for hardwoods (hehehehehehe) and that's pretty floor is throughout the house, even in the basement.

The dinning room is right next to the kitchen but it's not an eat in kitchen, which I do not like.  And look at how pretty the view is into the backyard!

The house has 3 nice sized bedrooms (they would have to be repainted.  One of them is little girly with flowers and purple walls.  Cute, but not for me.)  and 2 full baths; one on the main floor and one in the basement.  And please, check out this basement:

The hubby gets the whole basement, man cave, what have you. Except for the laundry room.  I'm sure that will be my domain.  This is the basement bath.

It's freaking HUGE!  The whole basement is so so well done.  I have seen some that are not that great but this one is super nice.

You know what else is super nice?

This huge back yard!  The 2 car garage!

It has a fish pond for crying out loud!

The 411:
Total square feet: 2208
Finished: 1644
Unfinished: 504 (laundry room and storage in basement)
Brick; built in 1960
Asking price: $145,000

Plus, remember how I looked at the house that I could walk to work from?  Well, at this house my hubby could walk to work.  It's just down the street and take a left!  Plus, this place is just down the street from where we live now, and we love the central location.  If it was 2012 I would so buy this house!

Now, on to another house.  This one memorable for different reasons.

Let's start with this AWESOME Photoshop job by the realtor:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  And he put in a BMW and maybe some sort of Porsche?  It's hard to say.
Oh, this makes me laugh.

Now, the floors are nice (you know how I feel about hardwoods).

Let me tell you a little secret about this bathroom.........

It was DISGUSTING!  I mean, the toilet bowl was brown and dirty (TMI?) and so was the sink.  It was just gross gross gross.

And apparently something else was gross.  The realtor's breath! HA!  As we were leaving my mom said he might have had the worst breath she has ever smelled.  And my mom would not just say that!  The realtor was not a winner.  He tried to pressure me into buying or leasing the house (ummm, no) and he was wearing shorts.  Now, I know it's been in the high 90s here for weeks but really, the house was air conditioned.  Be professional and put on some pants man!  He also said he would love to work with me.  I politely declined.  If the man will show a house with a nasty bathroom I just can't trust his judgement.  And you shouldn't wear shorts to work.

So there you have it! It was a great Sunday and I cannot wait till this weekend to do it all again!

Photos courtesy of this site.

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