Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Well, aren't you looking Suave

Now, little more than 6 months ago I was buying Suave shampoo and conditioner because it was cheap and it said “Works as well as the salon brands”.  Well I wasn’t going to fancy salons back then --- I do not count Great Clips as a fancy salon.  And neither should you.  But I’m sure you don’t.  You’re so smart! I can tell by the way you read by blog --- so how was I to know THEY ARE A BUNCH OF LIARS?!  Whatever shampoo and conditioner I was using in January was not making me feel pretty.  It was making my hair feel very coarse and it was really “big”, not sleek like I want it to be.  But because I was still a cheapskate I continued to buy the Suave.  Stupid Suave.

But now that I am able to treat myself to some luxuries I do go to a fancy salon and I do buy better types of hair care products. (But still on the clearance.  Old habits die hard my friend.)  Currently I have been using John Freida’s Brilliant Brunette.  I really like it!  I got a shampoo, conditioner and a straightening gloss for less than 8 bucks at Target a while back.  Now that is a great price.  The shampoos and conditioner alone would have been 10 and I don’t know how much that gloss would have been, I’m guessing another 5 bucks or so.

But anyway, I liked that brand.  My hair was sleeker and shinier, and I think it smelled rather nice.  The only problem I had was that it didn’t really lather up too well.  Especially when my hair was dirty.

*Just to be clear:  I take a shower everyday…… UNLESS I am going to go swimming at the in laws.  Then I just wash my face, brush my teeth and go.  So by the end of the day (or Sunday morning) my hair is not looking its best.*

When it is really dirty I need something to get in there all sudsy like and get to cleaning.  And I just didn’t feel Mr. Frieda doing that for me.  So while I was grocery shopping the other day I stopped to look at the shampoos.  Since I knew I was only going to use whatever I bought once a week at the most I knew I didn’t want to spend too much on it (but of course, I never want to spend too much on anything, ever) but I wanted it to not leave my hair feeling like a Brillo pad.  I had decided on some sort of smell good stuff  and then a bottle of Suave Clarifying shampoo caught my eye.

Since what I was really trying to do was clarify the look and feel of my hair I decided to just get it.  It was only 88 cents! What’s the harm in buying really cheap shampoo?  It would get the job done and the only person I would have gross hair in front of is my husband and he has already seen me at my worst (believe me).

And you know what?

This shampoo is great!  My hair felt clean and soft and manageable.  It was really a very nice surprise.  I even used it this past Monday I liked it so much.  John Freida better watch out!

And you know what else?  And this is just icing on the cake since the shampoo is actually good.  It was actually an even BETTER deal than I thought!

The same exact product is sold on Amazon for almost $0.60 more.  Woot woot!

So there you have it.  A great example of living the couture life on a clearance rack price!

What’s your favorite cheapo product that works like something WAY more expensive?  How are you living the couture life on a clearance rack price?

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